Media Bytes – Issue 17

Media Bytes – Issue 17

August 1, 2019 Off By sbatson


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August 1, 2019


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Business Priorities – This is really common sense, well it should be. We can’t be experts at everything. As a small business owner, budgets can be tight and we often try to do too much ourselves. Of course there are times when work should be hired out. I’m not talking about work you are selling to your clients, I’m talking about many of the day to day things. Let’s face it, you started a business to sell services or products to clients that need them, and that they most likely aren’t in a position to do themselves. Obviously things like banking, insurance, medical and others must be hired out. But other things can, and often should be hired out.

Take photography for example, if you aren’t a trained photographer with the proper equipment, it can make more sense to hire a professional. They will most likely get the job done quicker and with much higher quality than can be done yourself. Even in this world of Smartphones with great little cameras, great apps, photoshop, etc, you will get better quality having it done by a professional. Even with a great camera, there are skills involved to get a decent photo. Things like lighting, setting up a scene that isn’t distracting, getting the right angles. Then post processing where the photo is properly cropped, adjusted and optimized for the media it will be used for. Just because it looks good on the phone or maybe online, doesn’t automatically mean quality. A photo from a smartphone or one that has been overly processed can lead to not so great prints, especially enlargements. There are also things that clients may notice that you don’t. If you’re a great photographer with the equipment, skills and software, ignore what was just said as it wasn’t aimed at you. But if you don’t have the skills and equipment, hire it out!

Another example is your website. Sure, you can go with many services and tools to do it yourself, but how much time are you spending. And what are you missing? A professional can likely get it done quicker and with better quality than you can yourself because they do it all the time. They have the skills and tools to do a great job.

The bottom line is, how much is your time worth? And how much time can and should you be spending on tools, learning and preparing to do everything yourself? If you could work on another job or make another sale in the time it takes you to play “Jack of all trades…”, oh remember the second part? “…master of none”, would it make more sense to hire some things out? You are most likely a master in your business and not in all the other areas you need to operate your business. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

At Sac City Tech, we want to understand your business problems and help solve them.

Have a great, successful and prosperous rest of your week. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you!

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